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Mission Paint’s New Store Location

We love using Benjamin Moore paint (and have been for 18 years), so when Bryant, the owner of Mission Paint, told us he was looking for a new store, we were pretty excited. We’re in and out of the store all the time, and its location is really important to us (we like having it in the middle of town).

The new location is at 1132 Longstaff, next to Boyce Lumber, the Missoula Fencing Academy, and the Spirit Halloween store. It’s central to most of our jobs, and is closer to the University and the Rattlesnake, both neighborhoods we work in often.

It’s a different setup than the old store location, but we like it.

Caulking the Blue House



We just finished caulking our first exterior job of 2014, and are going to start painting it today.




We applied a coat of Benjamin Moore’s Aura to the house last fall before the builder replaced the windows, fascias, and soffitts over the winter (the homeowner wanted the house to be blue through Missoula’s dreary winter). So now we only need to apply a solid second coat and the house will be finished.wpid-20140403_132134.jpg


A Busy Winter

In our 14 years of business, this winter has been our busiest ever. We’ve been under the gun on project after project, which is a good thing, but it has left me little time for updating what we’ve been working on.

Removing Wallpaper

Once I organize our before, during, and after pictures, I’ll post some pictures of the Farmhouse interior, the Ben Hogan remodel, and a number of other interesting interior projects we’ve worked on since the end of October. We’ve sprayed a lot of built-ins, primed and painted quite a few new walls, and turned a Great Room red.

We’re also busy l

ining up exterior projects for 2014, and have been busy looking at houses lately. Now I better get off here and go write up some bids.

Farmhouse Windows


Scraping, Priming, and Sanding Pillars

Today we started scraping and sanding the pillars on the Gerald house. Overall, they’re in pretty good shape, but we scraped down the bumpy seams and shaved off the bumps.


Pillr needs Scraping


You can see how the old lead paint is cracked and peeling beneath the newer layers of paint, and a few areas needed to be gouged out and cleaned up. Once we did that, we primed it with Neverpeel Exterior Primer.

Scraped Pillar


It looks pretty bad at this point, but generally, old wood like this looks worse before we fix it up and make it look good again. Later, I’ll post a few pictures of the same pillar after we’ve primed and applied elastomeric to it.

The Dollhouse Remodel

We’re working on this old house in Missoula’s Rattlesnake.

The DollhouseThe white splotches are elastomeric patching compound, and even though you can’t tell, we primed all the shingles with Neverpeel clear wood primer to toughen up all the old shingles as well as to seal the new ones (this is a remodel project where they’ve added new windows and expanded the building, which required new shingles to be mixed with the old).

And as usual, we’re using Benjamin Moore’s Aura Exterior Paint on this house, both inside and out.