About Us

J. Barba Painting Inc.

201 Mary Avenue

Missoula, MT 406-360-8876

J. Barba Painting Inc is owned by brothers Justin and Josh Barba. Our dad, John Barba works with us when we need him (he’s retired from running the University of Montana’s paint shop

Justin Barba

Justin Barba began painting with his dad (John) when he was about 8 years old. At 14, John finally let him handle a brush on customer work. In 1996 he started both school and painting at the University of Montana. Whenever school was on break, he painted, learning the trade until 2000, when he graduated with a degree in Creative Writing. Instead of going to work for someone else, he and his brother Josh opened J. Barba Painting Inc. They have since painted mostly houses, with the occasional business project thrown in. They specialize in high-end homes when painting inside, and in resurfacing old wood siding when painting outside.

Justin Barba has been married to Melissa Barba since 1995 and spends his time with his 7-year-old daughter. He is also the CEO of MisCon, Missoula Montana’s science fiction convention.

Josh Barba also began painting as a kid, and started at the University of Montana in 1998. He started J. Barba Painting in 2000 with Justin. Josh has actually painted something John and Justin have not–a tank for a 5-foot-long alligator! He particularly enjoys the high-ladder work, as well as painting vehicles with John. He is geared up to paint John’s 1969 El Camino Super Sport in the picture below.

Painting the El Camino

John Barba began his 52 year painting career in Missoula in 1966. He did construction through the 70’s, working his way up through the International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades as an apprentice, then as a journeyman. In 1981 he began painting at the University of Montana, and is currently the working foreman of the UM Paint Shop, as well as part of J.Barba Painting. John has painted just about everything in his time: houses, sawmills, supermarkets, cars, and trucks. He is a master craftsman unlike any other. John is also a private pilot, cruise maniac, and rebuilds vintage cars. He is currently restoring a 1967 GTO from the ground up, as well as developing his skills in creating custom metal art, which you can see on his website, JCBarbaMetalArts.com.