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From One House to the Next

This week we painted 2 houses and started a third one. Well, we prepped the first one one day last week and painted it on Tuesday.

We started with this one, which just needed some basic preparation (scraping, caulking, and some elastomeric) before painting:

Blue Hill House

After we finished that one, we prepped and painted this one (which is only 6 years old):


It has Hardiplank siding (which is concrete fiberboard), and it was in good shape except a lot of the caulking had cracked and needed to be re-caulked, and the drip cap over the belly band was obviously in terrible shape (water falls onto it when it rains, and the original paint and factory primer weren’t very good). Luckily, we know how to fix it–in this picture, we had already scraped and primed it with Neverpeel clear primer, which toughened it up a lot and prepared it for elastomeric, which you can see in the next picture (it’s the white stuff on the pillars). Unfortunately, I was so focused on getting work done that I didn’t take any wide-angle before shots.


The customer also wanted to go with a more pronounced blue and darker accents on the corbels (the supports along the gable).



Blue House Brown Corbels

Here are a couple shots of the dripcap and how it looks after we prepped and painted it, although we were still going around sharpening edges when I took these pictures:

Front Corner Painted Painted Dripcap

Once we finished that house, we started scraping and priming this extremely nice house in the university neighborhood:

Gerald House

We’re going to change the colors and really transform it onto something interesting.

In the next shot, you can see our guy Clay–while he looks pretty crazy, he’s extremely dedicated and helps make these houses look great.



Gerald House Front Porch


Gerald House Front

Between the house and garage, it has 56 windows. Yes, 56 windows. And we’re going to paint all of them black with green trim, which I think will look great. I’ll try to post some pictures of the process (scraping, priming, caulking, and window glazing as necessary).