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Photo Gallery of Interior Paint Work

I’m working on uploading, organizing, and detailing pictures of some interior work we’ve done. Almost all of these are from jobs we did throughout winter of 2013-2014. Please ignore the sideways pictures for the time being (I’m going to fix them one at a time and add details).

A Busy Winter

In our 14 years of business, this winter has been our busiest ever. We’ve been under the gun on project after project, which is a good thing, but it has left me little time for updating what we’ve been working on.

Removing Wallpaper

Once I organize our before, during, and after pictures, I’ll post some pictures of the Farmhouse interior, the Ben Hogan remodel, and a number of other interesting interior projects we’ve worked on since the end of October. We’ve sprayed a lot of built-ins, primed and painted quite a few new walls, and turned a Great Room red.

We’re also busy l

ining up exterior projects for 2014, and have been busy looking at houses lately. Now I better get off here and go write up some bids.

Farmhouse Windows